Caravanner's Prayer

When we pack up in the morning may the annex be quite dry
May the pegs be easily removed and no leaves stick to the fly
Let the stabilisers wind up without that horrid squeak
And loose items give no trouble when to stow them we seek

May I back up with the ball lined up precisely with its mate
And remember to remove the jockey wheel before it's too late
May I drive away real smoothly the day's journey to begin
And not to have to turn back with the key I should have handed in

Let the road be sealed and free of works of the detour kind
May the rain refrain from falling and the wind blow from behind
Don't let flies come in their millions when we make our morning stop
Let the thermos not be empty cause I didn't screw on the top

May the road signs not confuse us as we go upon our way
And let no sheep or kangaroos into the roadway stray
Let us reach the Caravan Park well before the night
And dear God let there be a suitable powered site

May the site be large and roomy, preferably drive through
Or please let there be somebody there to tell me what to do
Don't let me try for hours to back that wretched van in place
Watched by other campers with a smile upon their face

Or if you want to punish me for some forgotten sin
Don't let it be by leaving me with my wife to guide me in
And there is another thing I do of you beseech
When the van's in place please let the power cord reach

They say you are a God of love and if that indeed is true
Please ensure I get a site not too far from the loo
I'll have to go at night and desperate I will be
Don't let me get to the loo to find I have no key

I pray that all the campers round about our site
Are friendly and considerate especially at night
Keeping their dogs and generators quiet
So the night life can be heard at our site

And when at last I go to bed and gently close the door
Oh dear Lord let me be the only one to snore