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Our Club’s History.


The Coromal Caravan Club Inc. was conceived in March 2005, when the then President of the NSW State Association approached Coromal executive staff to see if Coromal were interested in taking the initial steps to help set up a club in NSW.

By mid March Coromal dealers were sent an initial email to seek expressions of interest from their clients and businesses. An inaugural meeting was called at Del Rio Caravan Park, Wiseman’s Ferry on the 9th & 10th of April, 2005.

Six couples attended, and an initial committee was established at this time with the positions of President, Treasurer and Rally Marshall put forward and accepted at this meeting. The club’s colours and initial slogan of “Experience the Club’s lifestyle, Discover the freedom” was also adopted.

The club’s first organised rally was conducted on the 28th & 29th of May at the Valley Vineyard Tourist Park at Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley. The Coromal Caravan Club Inc., a NSW based club, had been founded and was now ready to conduct monthly rallies.

Our first Annual General Meeting was conducted on the 11th November 2006. The members present elected a new committee and adopted a new logo: “Experience the Club’s lifestyle, Discover the freedom & friendship”.

Over the past decade and a bit, the club has expanded and contracted and valuable friendships have become cemented in time. Now, our weekend rallies can go from Wednesday till Wednesday, and there is an appetite to "run away in the caravan" for a Tag-Along maybe once or twice a year! There is some off the grid adventures in these travels to give members experience in the joys of "free camping". Needless to say, there are long discussions in the tips and tricks of all aspects of caravanning at happy hour time.

In January 2017, Fleetwood Ltd., owner of both the Coromal and Windsor brands, began producing Coromal vans that are full vans only, and Windsor products that are rebranded Coromal pop-tops and campers. As a result of this corporate change, the Club now allows these rebranded (2017 onwards) Windsor pop-top and camper owners to be full members. In January 2019, Apollo RV took over both brands from Fleetwood.

As of July 2019, we have 49 members in our club. Should you want to find out more about our club, please click on “Contact Us” and then click on General Enquiries - Information. 

If you have read this article to this point, you are definitely interested in, and informed just enough about, our club to want to contact us - so go ahead - do it!

Currently, full membership is open to anyone who owns or has regular access

to a Coromal caravan, pop-top or camper, or MY17+ Windsor pop-top or camper

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